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• 1/27/2018

Mulung - New Space Zoo Zone Idea

I only saw suggestion threads for existing zones, so I decided to start a new thread. I've been brainstorming about a new zone for Eastern fantasy animals these past few days, as there's a zone for Western fantasy animals(excluding the black turtle, which is eastern-based). Here's what I came up with so far. More ideas are appreciated! :)

Mu Lung Garden ( 武陵桃源/무릉도원/Mureung-dowon/Peach Blossom Spring)
Alternatively Mulung

Mulung is a mythical paradise often mentioned in East Asian literature. It is said to appear if you see peach flower petals floating on a creek and follow it up-river. Sometimes its a place where spirits, guardians and gods live, sometimes its a place where people live happily and without worries. Artwork depicting Mulung often seems to portray it to be hidden in mountains.

*Map appearance/system
-Peach tree with flowers in full bloom
-Mist/Small clouds
-Pale green floor(spring-grassy), gray rocks
└Turns into white/pale gray stone floor later on.
-Occasional Asian towers(
-Japanese/Korean pine tree? (
-Rocky walls or cliffs on one side.
-Features Asian palaces like how the Olympus zone shows Greek temples on the side of the map.(
-Collectibles: ? (big peaches/some kind of ornament/sculpture/open to ideas)
-New game system?
 _Connected to a curving river. Pushes players with its strong current or simply slows them down like normal water.
 _Sometimes has arched bridges, enabling land animals to cross. (water animals can swim under the bridge or smash it if they're too big.)
  _Could introduce Koi.
 _There are intervals where a waterfall would be in the middle of the map, while the land on either side slopes upwards( quick doodle for demonstration): You have to fly over, run on land, or ride a water animal or a lung/eastern dragon(famous for their affinity to water) to swim up the waterfall. Land animals will crash when they collide with waterfalls. This will also introduce slanted grounds.
 _Begins with a waterfall from the side of a wall, and ends by the water falling off a cliff.

Animals marked with asterisks(*) are creatures that really exist in Eastern mythology or in real life.
Currently NOT listed in order of appearance.

-Lung/Ryong/Eastern Dragon"
As they appeared in the Chinese New Year event, they could either reuse the model or make new ones? If they're remodeled to be look more graceful, I think they could have more swirly motions and a more complex mechanic.
-When tapped in zoo: Roars.
-When ridden: Floats slightly off the ground. Smashes everything. Can swim in/up rivers/waterfalls (or float above the river).
-When angry: Probably throws player off. What did eastern dragons in the chinese new year event do when they were angry?
-Base animal colour: Green with red/yellow points.

└Imperial Dragon: Red and gold theme, possibly with an imperial crown.
└Celestial Dragon: Sky-blue and white theme, gold&red point colours. Has wings shaped similarly to this dragon's shoulder decoration:
└All Day Lung: Word play on 'all day long'.
└Imugi*: A giant snake that trains for 1000 years to become a dragon. Legless, dark colour, hornless snake-like head.

( / )
This was also one of the special animals in the Chinese New Year event. Like the eastern dragon, can have reused models or new ones. Their behaviour in the event seems to be rather simple for a new zone, ideas are appreciated!
Maybe these guys could be the 'eaters' for this zone?
-When tapped in zoo:
-When ridden:
-When angry:

( / / )
-Two-toed hooves, long mane, long tail with a tuft of fur, long tufts of fur at the shoulders/elbows, pair of antlers. Head of a dragon+deer, body of a stag, has blue-green scales on parts of its body and legs. Larger than the Hind.
-When tapped in zoo: Rears, sound is something between a dragon and a horse/deer. Similar to one of the griffin sounds, maybe?
-When ridden: Runs normally, above average speed.
When they enter the water, they can jump once on the surface of the water with a visual effect(like suicune running on water) and not get affected by rivers/puddles. Can be upgraded to jump up to two/three times on water, enabling them to cross most rivers without plunging in the water. (Jumping on water still extinguishes fire.) Another doodle to explain this:

-When angry: Stops and rears for a short time before kicking off to a quick run with occasional small leaps, skids to a halt after a while and rears again, repeat. Animals coming from behind can run into the kirin while it's rearing, and counts as the player crashing.

└ Lokirin: Parody of Loki from the Marvel movies. "Lokirin is burdened with glorious horns. Kneel!"
Has the signature Loki horns, black with gold&green points, shoulder armor, and has the scepter at the end of its tail.
└ Ki-Ring: Kirin with bell theme?
└ White Stag(real)*?: Often depicted as a sacred animal in mythology. White kirin with stag antlers and without scales, has cloud/mist like swirls surrounding it.

-Sajatal(Lion Mask)*
( / /
It's from a mask+costume worn by two people to represent a lion rather than a 'mythical creature', but I thought the looks were fitting.
-Long body with shaggy white fur, red flattish face with pointed teeth and yellow eyes.
-Are seen trotting in the map.
-When tapped in zoo: Lion roar, wiggles head and body sideways.
-When ridden: Jumps once high and far when they're first ridden, going over high obstacles and able to crash into archways. Smashes everything near them when they land. After the first jump, lopes along with long, low bounds. Upgrades can make them turn in the middle of a jump.
-When angry: Bucks with high jumps. Harder to steer.

└Sunbi-tal?: Brown mask with sunbi( ) (ancient Korean scholars) costume.

( / /
-Long neck and plume, crest on head, colourful body. Sometimes depicted with blue/green scales on its back.
-Found perching on rocks and asian towers with its tail plume hanging down.
-When tapped in zoo: Spreads wings and shows off tail plumes for a while, melodic bird of prey sound or phoenix sound.
-When ridden: Is a large flying animal.
-When angry: Swoops down and stays low, flings the player off after crashing(phoenix mechanic). / Other ideas?

└Three-footed Crow*: Believed to have lived in the sun.
└Peacock(real)*?: (

-Is obviously a real animal but has myths surrounding it, like the turtle in Olympus.
-Found in the river/waterfall, is not affected by the push of the current.
-When tapped in zoo: Bubbling sound, bobs head in the water / spins in a circle once.
When ridden: Swims in water. Flops on land, moves slowly and angers quickly.
-When angry: Jumps high and throws player a great distance in water, throws player off a short distance on land.
-Base animal colour:

└Gold Koi(real)*: (
└Butterfly Koi(real)*:(
Could be called Angel Koi for the appearance?
└Joy Koi: happy looking koi with bright colours.

-(One spot left)

Other base animal ideas:
Nine-tailed fox?


We're currently missing eaters. The one spot left can be the eater, or Xiezhi/Haetae or Sajatal can be the eater.

I'm entertaining the idea of the nine-tailed fox using its fox bead("The most distinctive feature that separates the kumiho from its two counterparts (kitsune and huli jing) is the existence of a 'yeowu guseul' (여우구슬, literally meaning fox marble/bead) which is said to consist of knowledge. According to Korean mythology, the yeowu guseul provides power to the kumiho and knowledge (and intelligence) to people if they can steal and swallow one. The kumiho can absorb humans' energy with it." - Wikipedia) to 'absorb'(eat) other animals, and when it gets angry the fox constantly sets the player on fire, forcing the player to plunge in the river repeatedly to stay on. Fire could burn faster as time goes on.
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• 2/5/2018
This is an amazing idea, the coming soon fog in the sky zoo is purple so they might be adding it. Also i think that you should rename some of them to simpler names, like chinese lion and nian monster so that people dont butchers the names all the time
• 2/6/2018
Thanks! This is a space zoo zone idea though, so I don't think so. x)
On the name, Sajatal could be Lion Mask if needed since that's literally what 'sajatal' means, but I think their names should stay. The animals in Olympus keep their real names even though some of them are complicated(e.g. elaphoi khrysokeroi, hippalectryon, quetzalcoatl, etc.) so I think these guys should keep their real names as well. It's not really in my power to change the names of actual mythical creatures anyway, haha.
• 2/6/2018
Space zoo sorry that was a typo, and also, only the variant names in olympus are complicated, i just think the base names should be easy to say, the variant names dont really matter
• 2/6/2018
I don’t think Velociraptor, compared to Raptor, is easy to say, and most animals have a proper name for the base animal. The animal species, however, is usually simplified.
• 2/6/2018
Yeah sorry thats what i meant, like how the species name is elephant but the base elephant is called african elephant, so i think that the name for sajatals species should be lion mask or chinese lion, but the base version could be called Sajatal
• 2/7/2018
Yeah, Sajatal's species name can be Lion Mask or Korean Lion(it's from a traditional Korean dance called Bongsan Talchum, not a Chinese one). The other names I'd say we keep, the foreign names are two syllables at most and there's not really a way to simplify them without maiming their original names in a way imo.
• 2/8/2018
Guess what one of the animals you can buy from this year's Chinese New Year event is xD (potential spoilers below for iOS users?)
I think it belongs to the zebra section. Still keeping kirins in though since we have both zegasus and pegasus.
• 2/8/2018
Although the Zegasus has a different name to Pegasus... I don’t think they’re going to rename it to Zirin are they? They did however rename the brontosaurus Hydra to Hydrasaurus.
• 2/8/2018
I don't know, I'm just leaving the possibility open here because of past examples like the zegasus and the bronto hydra that you've mentioned. There's always the possibility of renaming(Zirin), or the new red Kirin being moved to the Kirin section and renamed Luckirin or something like that, as original kirins tend to be blue or green.
The devs likely won't incorporate the fan suggestions 100% alike IF they take some ideas from us anyway; it's up to them to make the move or not, I'd just like to keep the possibility open as I've said above. :)
• 2/8/2018
Yeah that’s fair
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