Bear Chieftain
Bear Chieftain
Zoo Sky Zoo
Species Bear
Class Regular
Zone Mountains
Unlocked Mountains 1
Tier Tier 2
Distance Found > 200m
XP Given 1
Breeding Time 2hrs

The Bear Chieftain is the second bear that the player can find in the game.

Appearance Edit

The Bear Chieftain is clothed with a coat that is similar in appearance to a rug. It also wears ankle bracelets and a tribal head dress featuring a red base, a white band below it which has a maroon zig-zag running across it as well as white tufts on top representing feathers. The Bear Chieftain also has tribal face painting on its face.

Description Edit

As a solitary animal, the role of chieftain is somewhat overrated.

Requirements Edit

Note: Its chance of appearing is high but not guaranteed due to it being a tier 2 animal. It will appear often but not necessarily in every run, and never before 200m.

Baby Bear Chieftain Edit

  • Animals get angry 7% slower
  • Eating animals is 7% more effective

Trivia Edit

  • The Bear Chieftain is a play on a tribal chieftain, the leader of a tribe.
    • The description references a bear's solitary nature, which makes the Bear Chieftain ironic.
  • The Baby Bear Chieftain's ability also reflects the ability of the adult to eat animals.
    • The baby's ability in which animals get angry 7% slower is a possible reference to the fact that tribal chieftains are seen as calm, gentle leaders.

Notes Edit

  • The Bear Chieftain was released in version 1.1.0 on the 26th of July 2016 along with Mountains and all other Mountains species.
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