Zoo Sky Zoo
Species Boar
Class Regular
Zone Jungle
Unlocked Jungle 1
Tier Tier 4
Distance Found > 1300m
XP Given 10
Breeding Time 8hrs

The Borc is the fourth kind of boar in the stampede.

Appearance Edit

The Borc has a body which is completely lime green, and has very dark grey trotters, with similarly coloured shaggy hair covering the top of its head. It also has a protruding, extended lower jaw with four white, small, sharp teeth poking out from it and a gold ring nostril pierced between its two nostrils.

Description Edit

The Boaring plays videogames featuring the Borc, and even dresses up like one at conventions.

Requirements Edit

Note: Its chance of appearing is low due to it being a tier 4 animal. It will appear randomly but not often, and doesn't appear before 1300m.

Baby Borc Edit

Baby Borc
  • Lasso starts 4% larger
  • Missions give 6% more coins
  • Rare animals appear 8% more often

Trivia Edit

  • The Borc is a play on an orc, a fictional humanoid creature notorious for being bestial and barbaric.
    • The description references several appearances of orcs in other franchises. The part in which it is said that "the Boaring plays videogames featuring the Borc" refers to how many videogames feature orcs, including 'Final Fantasy' and 'Dungeons & Dragons'. The part where it is said that the Boaring "even dresses up like [a Borc] at conventions" could refer not only to the videogames, but also to the film trilogy 'The Lord of the Rings', in which orcs are heavily featured as the main field enemies which the protagonists must fight.
    • The description also references the Boaring, which further plays the Boaring's nerd status.

Notes Edit

  • The Borc was released in the original release, version 1.0.0, on the 22nd of June 2016, along with Savannah and all original Savannah animals, Jungle and all other original Jungle animals, and the Sky Zoo.
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