Zoo Sky Zoo
Species Drop Bear
Class Secret
Zone Outback
Unlocked Outback 1
Tier Tier 5
Distance Found > 2000m
XP Given 6
Breeding Time 12hrs

The Bunyip is the sixth drop bear in the game. Unlike other secret animals, it does not spawn when a secret mission is completed, but instead is hidden and can only be found by performing a difficult manoevre.

Appearance Edit

The Bunyip is blood-orange fading into normal orange near the legs. The very top of its head is greyish-black. It has three black claws on each foot, but its most striking feature are its two wings. The wings are very dark red in a small area, but are orange-red on the rest of the wing, with a yellow perimeter.

Description Edit

Monstrous. Lurks in billabongs. Hunts at night. Loves a cold beer and a sausage sizzle.

Requirements Edit

  • Sky Zoo upgraded to Outback 1 or greater.
  • Found on flaming trees with a ring of flaming bushes surrounding it towards the sides of a cliff past 2000m in Outback.
    • The Bunyip does not jump down from the tree, unlike other drop bears. To tame, the player must put out the fire by entering water.

Note: Unlike other secret animals, it is not guaranteed that it will appear every time on top of all flaming trees towards the sides of cliffs.

Baby Bunyip Edit

Baby Bunyip
  • Missions give 15% more coins
  • Rare animals appear 8% more often
  • Crates give 3% more coins (passive)

Notes Edit

  • The Bunyip was released in version 1.3.0 on the 13th of October 2016 along with Outback and all other Outback species.
  • The Bunyip is a reference to the bunyip, a mythological and supposedly evil creature from Indigenous Australian folklore.
    • The description references the beliefs of Indigenous Australians relating to the bunyip being evil, and also plays on stereotypical Australian culture in mentioning "a cold beer" and "sausage sizzles".
  • The Baby Bunyip's ability relating to rare animals may reference how the bunyip is a mythological animal.
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