Zoo Sky Zoo
Species Sheep
Class Regular
Zone Outback
Unlocked Outback 1
Tier Tier 3
Distance Found > 800m
XP Given 4
Breeding Time 6hrs

The Candylamb is the third sheep in the stampede.

Appearance Edit

The Candylamb is mainly pink blue and white, with feet, legs and decorative extras on the body. It has a pink afro with a spiral on top covering the top of its head, as well as a blue tipped nose. Its body is a creamy pink colour with pale blue stripes, while it has horns sprouting out the sides of its head, coloured with red and white bands. Its feet are the classical white, and its legs are the same colour as the Merino Sheep. Its body is decorated with pink and blue wool front to back. It can easily be distinguished by the colours covering its body and the sweet feel, given by the soft, bright colours.

Description Edit

A sweet little ball of cotton candy. Catches licks from all the other sheep in the herd.

Requirements Edit

Note: Its chance of appearing is medium due to it being a tier 3 animal. It will appear in just over half the runs the player does, and doesn't appear before 800m.

Baby Candylamb Edit

Baby Candylamb
  • Rare animals appear 7% more often
  • Taming animals is 12% quicker
  • Eating animals is 9% more effective

Trivia Edit

  • The Candylamb is a play on fairy floss, known as cotton candy in the United States of America. This is a reverse play on a sheep as sheep's wool is considered soft and fluffy, like cotton.
    • This is reiterated in the description.
    • The Baby Candylamb's ability where eating animals becomes 9% more effective plays on the theme of cotton candy as cotton candy is a food that is eaten.

Notes Edit

  • The Candylamb was released in version 1.3.0 on the 13th of October 2016 along with Outback and all other Outback species.

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