The 2017 Chinese New Year event is a limited time event in the game that occurred from the 25th of January to the 8th of February 2017.

About Edit

The event featured several changes to regular gameplay, the most noticeable being the inclusion of a second currency being ingots (Ingot). Ingots could only be earned by riding special mythical Chinese creatures in the stampede and smashing obstacles and animals with them. Ingots could then be traded in for hats and animals which were all Chinese New Year themed. All animals bought in the Chinese New Year Event would remain permanent as regular animals after purchase, and would be discoverable in the stampede in their respective islands.

The limited animals on which the player could ride to earn ingots.

Other than this, obstacles in each environment were changed to Chinese New Year themed ones in Savannah, Jungle, Mountains and Outback (see gallery below for images), and music in all islands including Tundra was changed to be Chinese New Year themed.

While these hats have expired, the player can still obtain them in the future events. The following animals have since been re-released as endangered animals.

Hats Edit

Ming Court Hat 30 Common
Cai Shen Hat 30 Common
Cai Shen Suit 50 Novelty
Auspicious Man 50 Novelty
Koi Suit 100 Costume
Tiger 100 Costume
Dragon 150 Costume
New Year's Rooster 150 Costume

Animals Edit

Nian Monster Lion Savannah 5 125
Gorill-uck Gorilla Jungle 1 200
Alpaca Cracker Llama Mountains 1 250
Cock-a-doodle-emu Emu Outback 3 300

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