The 2018 Chinese New Year event is a limited time event in the game that occurred from the 8th of February to the 21st of March 2018.

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The lantern that appears above animals' heads which could be collected

The event featured only one change to regular gameplay, being the inclusion of a separate currency being lanterns (Lantern Icon). Lanterns could only be earned by riding animals which had a floating lantern (right). As soon as the player landed on the animal, a Lantern Icon would be earned. The player could accumulate Lantern Icon to purchase animals and hats from the limited time shop, including the previous year's stock.

Other than this, the Sky Zoo entrance, Shop and cannon area were decorated with Chinese New Year related decorations, and each zone had Chinese New Year themed crates, which now resembled sacks with the Chinese character "福" on it, and firecracker shrubs, each of which releasing sparkles when smashed.

While these hats and animals have expired, the player can still obtain them in the future events.

Animals Edit

Price(Lantern Icon)
Kirin Zebra Savannah 1 30
Blessing Elephant Elephant Savannah 1 30
Kungfu Ostrich Ostrich Savannah 2 30
Rhino Warrior Rhino Jungle 3 30
Giant Panda Bear Mountains 1 30
Opera Bunny Rabbit Tundra 2 30

Hats Edit

Price(Lantern Icon)
Rhubarb dog 20 Common
Corgi 30 Novelty
Husky 30 Novelty
Xiang Yu 40 Costume
Monkey King 50 Costume
Panda 50 Costume
Ming Court Hat 10 Common
Cai Shen Hat 10 Common
Cai Shen Suit 20 Novelty
Auspicious Man 20 Novelty
Koi Suit 30 Costume
Tiger 30 Costume
Dragon 40 Costume
New Year's Rooster 40 Costume

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  • The Android version had the 2018 Chinese New Year event released on the 1st of February, a week before iOS.
  • Both iOS and Android versions initially lacked any baby animals for the six new Chinese New Year animals. When the player finished breeding, the basket that would usually have the baby appeared empty, before the game crashing. Once the player had reloaded the game, it could be seen that the baby animal didn’t exist despite it saying 9/9 zebras, for example.
    • Version 1.14.1 removed the possibility of getting baby animals for the 2018 Chinese New Year animals, with the baby animal counter going down from 420 to 414 in that time.
      • The baby animals were added in version 1.15.1 on the 19th of April 2018.