Boss animals are special animals which as of version 1.6.0 can only be found in the stampede after the player has obtained the specific animal for the first time. The player is required to complete a mini-quest to obtain these animals, with some of them being fairly challenging. Boss missions are given in any order. Boss missions and animals are unlocked at Savannah 4, excluding the Bosstrich, which is unlocked from Savannah 2.

Taming Edit

In order to obtain them for the first time, the player must complete a certain amount of Sky Zoo missions which the player is frequently reminded of, and then complete a boss mission, which is a minigame in which the final goal is to find, lasso and befriend the boss animal. To unlock Space Zoo boss missions, you also must complete Sky Zoo missions. To enter the boss mission, the player must go to the Sky Zoo and go to the "Missions" section in the menu, and tap on the skull symbol. Boss animals take a much longer time to befriend from the time the player lands on the animal to the time it is befriended. They give the player mastery XP when found in the stampede, but not in boss missions.

After completing a boss mission, the player can find the boss animal in the appropriate habitat and in the stampede, where a match can then be found to obtain the baby.

For tips with each boss animal, check out each individual page below.

Animals Edit

XP Given
Bosstrich Ostrich Savannah 2 30
Skelephant Elephant Savannah 4 30
UFG Giraffe Savannah 4 30
Hog Rider Boar Jungle 1 25
Volcanorilla Gorilla Jungle 1 25
Tiger Lily Tiger Jungle 4 25
Two-nicorn Goat Mountains 1 25
Hyper Light Llama Llama Mountains 1 25
One-eyed Wolfbeard Wolf Mountains 2 25
Conan the Baabaarian Sheep Outback 1 25
Kan Guru Kangaroo Outback 1 25
Fiery Phoemu Emu Outback 3 25
Navy Seal Seal Tundra 1 30
Owlgebra Owl Tundra 3 30
Roller Bear Polar Bear Tundra 5 30
Oarolophus Parasaurolophus Jurassic 1 12
Geisharatops Triceratops Jurassic 1 12
Hairodactyl Pterodactyl Jurassic 5 12
Pegazeus Pegasus Olympus 1 12
Riffin Griffin Olympus 2 12
Cerastes Hydra Olympus 6 12
Cricket Grasshopper Garden 1 12
Sushi Bug Pillbug Garden 2 12