This page contains the full basic information about secret animals, including how to get them and how much XP they give. Secret animals are animals that can only be found and befriended when the player completes a secret mission. The player is given hints about secret missions in game. All secret animals give animal mastery XP, and are classified under tier 5. The full list of secret animals is below, as well as how to get all secret animals.

Animals Edit

IMPORTANT: Tips on how to obtain secret animals are below, however, visit each individual animal page below for more detailed information and tips.

XP Given
Secret Mission
Diabuffalo Buffalo Savannah 1 3 Ride a buffalo for 30 seconds uninterrupted
Trojan Zebra Zebra Savannah 4 25 Ride 7 different animal species in a row
Vulture-on Vulture Savannah 4 5 Jump over a large central rock past 1000m
Le'Ion Chef Lion Savannah 5 14 Eat 30 animals on a single lion
Cockadoodile Alligator Jungle 1 3 Only evident in the morning between 3:00 and 10:00 AM
Platypotamus Hippo Jungle 2 15 Ride a hippo for 25 seconds uninterrupted
Dhinoceros Rhino Jungle 4 25 Ride 7 different animal species in a row
Threecan Toucan Jungle 5 6 Jump 85m off a toucan and land it
Gearpunk Yak Yak Mountains 3 10 Smash 10 animals on a single yak
SU-24 Bearoplane Bear Mountains 4 8 Ride 2000m on an eagle uninterrupted
Robin Should Eagle Mountains 4 3 Jump off the side of a cliff in line with a line of 4 bushes
Dark Mousse Moose Mountains 5 20 Ride 8 different animal species in a row (start on a non-Mountains animal)
Bunyip Drop Bear Outback 1 6 Found on flaming trees past 2000m towards the sides of cliffs
Bombat Wombat Outback 2 3 Smash 4 (see here for more info) animals on a wombat
Cameleon Camel Outback 5 15 Ride 8 different animal species in a row (start on a non-Outback animal)
Spying Fox Flying Fox Outback 5 5 Smash or have an outhouse or windmill smashed
Snow Bunny Rabbit Tundra 2 8 Ride 6 (see here for more info) rabbits in a row
Clockwork Fox Fox Tundra 4 8 Ride a fox for 30 seconds uninterrupted
Fairy Penguin Penguin Tundra 5 30 Ride 8 different animal species in a row (start on a non-Tundra animal)
Sabre Tooth Walrus Walrus Tundra 5 6 Found jumping from central rock area with drop-offs on both sides
Philosoraptor Raptor Jurassic 1 5 Ride 10 raptors in a row
T-Flex Tyrannosaurus Rex Jurassic 2 5 Collect 5 eggs in one run
Anglerosaurus Ankylosaurus Jurassic 4 5 Smash a tyrannosaurus rex with an ankylosaurus
Deeplodocus Brontosaurus Jurassic 5 5 Ride 8 different animal species in a row
Stegosawrus Stegosaurus Jurassic 6 5 Eat 9 shrubs with a stegosaurus
Pizzadon Dimetrodon Jurassic 7 12 Ride 10 different animal species in one run
Hindsight Hind Olympus 1 5 Ride a single hind for 33 seconds uninterrupted
Mine-o-taur Minotaur Olympus 3 5 Smash 2 minotaurs with phoenixes
Threenix Phoenix Olympus 3 5 Eat or have 3 phoenixes with/by griffins
Quetzalcoatl Dragon Olympus 5 5 Ride 8 different animal species in a row
Fruit Tartle Turtle Olympus 5 5 Found in pools on the very side of the stampede
Cant Ant Garden 1 5 Bump 6 ants with a single ant
Mirror Spider Spider Garden 1 5 Collect 5 acorns in one run
Dragoon Fly Dragonfly Garden 3 5 Jump from dragonfly to a spider
Samurai Bug Beetle Garden 4 12 Ride any animal for 2000m uninterrupted
Shutterfly Butterfly Garden 6 12 Ride 8 different animal species in a row

Notes Edit

  • All Space Zoo secret animals had their XP change from 12 to 5 in version 1.15.0 on the 22nd of March 2018.