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Note: This article is about the individual animal called the Hippo. For information about the animal species Hippo, please click here.
Species Hippo
Class Base
Zone Jungle
Unlocked Jungle 2
Tier Tier 1
Distance Found > 0m
XP Given 0
Breeding Time 1hr

The Hippo is the first hippo that the player can befriend in the game.

Appearance Edit

The Hippo resembles that of a a real life hippopotamus, with blue-gray on the top layers and gradiently pale pink in the lower parts. It has a large mouth and nose with small pink nostrils and a pair of small ears, similar to a real life hippopotamus. It also has a short thin tail with a black point.

Description Edit

For an animal that can't swim, they sure love the water.

Requirements Edit

Baby Hippo Edit

Baby Hippo
  • Animals are 8% faster in water

Notes Edit

  • The description is a reference to a hippopotamus' real life behaviour in that they spend most of their time sitting in shallow water.
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