Horned Owl
Horned Owl
Zoo Sky Zoo
Species Owl
Class Regular
Zone Tundra
Unlocked Tundra 3
Tier Tier 2
Distance Found > 200m
XP Given 1
Breeding Time 2hrs

The Horned Owl is the second owl that can be befriended in the game.

Appearance Edit

The Horned Owl has the same body template as the Snowy Owl. Despite this, it is coloured brown all over, with a brown body and wings which are darker in the centre and lighter nearer to the edges. Its other main distinguishing feature is its large monobrow, with both brows slanting downwards, forming a 'V' shape.

Description Edit

Many have wondered if these owls are always angry or just have massive eyebrows.

Requirements Edit

Note: Its chance of appearing is high but not guaranteed due to it being a tier 2 animal. It will appear often but not necessarily in every run, and never before 200m.

Baby Horned Owl Edit

Baby Horned Owl
  • Animals get angry 5% slower
  • Missions give 5% more coins
  • Flying animals swoop 8% slower

Notes Edit

  • The Horned Owl was released on the 25th of January 2017 in version 1.5.0, along with Tundra and all other Tundra animals.
  • The Horned Owl is a reflection of real life horned owls, of which snowy owls are a species of.
    • The description plays on its notable feature of large, downward-slanting eyebrows.
  • Like most other Tundra descriptions, the description was missing a period at the end.
    • This was corrected in version 1.15.0 on the 22nd of March 2018.
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