Hyper Light Llama
Hyper Light Llama
Zoo Sky Zoo
Species Llama
Class Boss
Zone Mountains
Unlocked Mountains 1
Tier Tier 5
Distance Found > 1800m
XP Given 25
Breeding Time 12hrs
The Hyper Light Llama is the sixth llama. Like all other boss animals, the player is required to complete a minigame to find and befriend it for the first time. After this, it can be permanently found in the stampede.

 Appearance Edit

The Hyper Light Llama has a light blue face, a red snout, a horn at the tip of the nose and a medieval helmet. Its body is dark grey and it wears a reddish vest, a necklace with a diamond-shaped amulet and a belt around the neck where it carries its sword.

 Description Edit

Drifter. Warrior prince. Fights corruption for truth, justice, and cashmere knit sweaters everywhere.

Requirements Edit

  • Sky Zoo upgraded to Mountains 1 or greater.
  • Unlock (see how to unlock boss mission here) and complete Hyper Light Llama boss mission (tips for completion are below). From here it can be found in Mountains permanently.
  • To be found in the stampede: Ride past 1800m in Mountains.

Note: Its chance of appearing is extremely low due to it being a tier 5 animal. It will appear randomly but very rarely, and doesn't appear before 1800m.

Tips for Boss Mission Edit

The Hyper Light Llama boss mission is very difficult. The player is required to jump on consecutive llamas, with cliffs being in the way. At the end of each cliff are three lines of bushes which either face straight, or left or right. In order to successfully jump onto the next llama, the player must aim the jump in the direction of the bushes. As the player completes more jumps, however, the lasso size becomes smaller, making it more difficult to complete the next jump. This can be avoided if the player's llama habitat is upgraded to level 6 as the lasso size is increased by 20% and does not shrink.

Baby Hyper Light Llama Edit

Baby Hyper Light Llama
  • Ridden animals are 10% faster
  • Jump from animals 8% faster
  • Rare animals appear 7% more often

Trivia Edit

  • The Hyper Light Llama is a play on the game 'Hyper Light Drifter', a 2D role-playing game.
  • The description plays on the high price put on cashmere sweaters and how the quality cannot be fully confirmed[1].

Notes Edit

  • The Hyper Light Llama was released in version 1.1.0 on the 26th of July 2016 along with Mountains and all other Mountains species.
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