Oh Deer Lord
Oh Deer Lord
Zoo Space Zoo
Species Hind
Class Regular
Zone Olympus
Unlocked Olympus 1
Tier Tier 3
Distance Found > 750m
XP Given 3
Breeding Time 6hrs

The Oh Deer Lord is the third type of hind.

Appearance Edit

The Oh Deer Lord is a brown variant of the Ceryneian Hind, with a black top hat hat has a white base, brown antlers and a gold spectacle with a handle around its right eye. It also wears several pieces of fancy clothing, including a frilly creme coloured long-sleeved shirt, an overcoat coloured royal blue with rolled up sleeves and taupe pants, with a red waistband and hem.

Description Edit

A fancy deer who was tired of their name being said in vain.

Requirements Edit

Note: Its chance of appearing is medium due to it being a tier 3 animal. It will appear in just over half the runs the player does, and doesn't appear before 750m.

Baby Oh Deer Lord Edit

Baby Oh Deer Lord
  • Ridden animals are 5% faster
  • Missions give 10% more coins
  • Mating animals appear 10% more often

Notes Edit

  • The Oh Deer Lord was released on the 18th of August 2017 in version 1.10.0 along with Olympus and the first five Olympus species.
  • The Oh Deer Lord is a pun on the phrase "oh dear lord", a phrase said in exasperation. The description as well as the appearance of it references this as well.
  • The description and appearance reflects how the Oh Deer Lord plays on a lord, particularly how a lord is fancy and classy.
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