Species Ostrich
Class Regular
Zone Savannah
Unlocked Savannah 2
Tier Tier 4
Distance Found > 1000m
XP Given 14
Breeding Time 8hrs

The Ostwitch is the eighth type of ostrich, added as part of the 2016 Halloween update.

Appearance Edit

The Ostwitch is distinctly coloured with green skin and deep purple clothes, including a gown, a hat and a pair of shoes. The hat also has a yellow ring going around the base of the hat, and the shoes also have square yellow buckles attached to black straps around them. Under the hat is a mop of straggly, stringy, black hair characteristic to a witch. The most striking feature of the Ostwitch is the broom positioned between its legs, which is coloured like a stereotypical witch's broom. Finally, the tip of its tail and wings are coloured peach.

Description Edit

Rides the fastest broom in the savannah, but has the tendancy to fly off the handle

Requirements Edit

Note: Its chance of appearing is low due to it being a tier 4 animal. It will appear randomly but not often, and never before 1000m.

Baby Ostwitch Edit

Baby Ostwitch
  • Ridden animals are 15% faster
  • Jump from animals 4% higher

Notes Edit

  • The Ostwitch is an obvious play on a witch.
  • The Ostwitch was released in version 1.3.1 as part of the 2016 Halloween update as a permanent add-on.
  • The description plays on a witch's characteric broom, an ostrich's pace and the phrase "fly off the handle", which could be taken literally as a witch flying off the handle due to losing control, or metaphorically, where 'fly off the handle' means one losing temper, relatable to a witch.
  • The in-game description has several errors that are yet to be fixed, including incorrect spelling for the word "tendency" (spelt with an 'a' between the 'd' and 'n' instead of an 'e') and the lack of a full stop after the description.
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