Pygmy Hippo
Pygmy Hippo
Zoo Sky Zoo
Species Hippo
Class Regular
Zone Jungle
Unlocked Jungle 2
Tier Tier 2
Distance Found > 1000m
XP Given 1
Breeding Time 2hrs

The Pygmy Hippo is the second hippo in the game.

Appearance Edit

The Pygmy Hippo resembles a real life pygmy hippo, with its appearance being almost identical to the Hippo. Its only differences in appearance to the Hippo are that its skin is a dark chocolate colour as opposed to blue-gray and pale pink colours, and that its face features a pattern of darker lines intersecting like a grid. It is also slightly smaller than all other hippos.

Description Edit

Like a teacup pig, Africa style.

Requirements Edit

Note: Its chance of appearing is high but not guaranteed due to it being a tier 2 animal. It will appear often but not necessarily in every run, and never before 1000m.

Baby Pygmy Hippo Edit

Baby Pygmy Hippo
  • Taming mating animals is 10% quicker
  • Animals are 8% faster in water

Trivia Edit

  • The Pygmy Hippo is based on a real life pygmy hippopotamus, one of two species of hippo.
    • The description refers to a real life pygmy hippo's small size, comparing it to a teacup pig, or a tiny piglet supposedly able to fit in a teacup, as well as referencing where pygmy hippos can be found (Africa).

Notes Edit

  • The Pygmy Hippo was released in the original release, version 1.0.0, on the 22nd of June 2016, along with Savannah and all original Savannah animals, Jungle and all other original Jungle animals, and the Sky Zoo.
  • The description had a punctuation error in that the 'a' in "africa" was not capitalised.
    • This was corrected in version 1.15.0 on the 22nd of March 2018.
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