The Raptor Challenge was the third and longest competitive event in Rodeo Stampede. It occurred from the 20th of May to the 4th of August 2017.

About Edit

The Raptor Challenge was held following the YouTuber ThinkNoodles' video on the Raptor Run Challenge (see below), which was run through KTplay. The player had to film themselves completing a run on a single raptor from the beginning, in an attempt to see who could run the furthest. However, the competition was marred by a bug in which players' games would slow down to three or four times less speed, allowing for much easier progression. These videos were masked as they were sped up before submission. In response, the Rodeo Stampede team released an extra 20 Cash Cows to compensate.

Rules Edit

  • Had to start as an raptor and stay on it for the whole time
  • Must be in Jurassic
  • Must post full compressed video
  • Any sidekick allowed

Rewards Edit

  • Participate in challenge (submit a video of themselves on an raptor in Jurassic)
  • Beat ThinkNoodles' score of 5224m
Executive Tour, Medium Energy Pack
  • Finish in the top 70
Cash Cow

Gallery Edit

RAPTOR RUN CHALLENGE!! Rodeo Stampede Fan Choice Favorite

RAPTOR RUN CHALLENGE!! Rodeo Stampede Fan Choice Favorite