Revive Raven
Revive Raven
Species Raven
Class Epic
Unlocked In-App Purchase
Ability Free Revives

The Revive Raven is the third epic animal. Like all other epic animals, it can only be obtained through in-app purchase.

Appearance Edit

The Revive Raven is mostly red, although it has a yellow beak. The underside of its wings are a rich blue colour. Its neck has a frill of red and yellow feathers, and its wingtips fade from yellow to red to blue. Its tail feathers are made of red, yellow and blue feathers as well. The Revive Raven also has a single long trail of fire streaming out from behind.

Description Edit

Rarest of the rare. A bird like this comes along once in a lifetime.

Ability Edit

The Revive Raven allows the player one free continue per round, called a revive in the Revive Raven's case, so if the player crashes, the player does not need to pay Zoo Coin or watch a video advertisement to have a second chance. The Revive Raven also allows the player to revive before 1000m, which cannot be done normally. When the player dies, the Revive Raven can be summoned through a button with the Revive Raven on it, and the Revive Raven appears flying just ahead before the player begins again.

Trivia Edit

  • The description is a reference to its ability, in which the player can only see the Revive Raven once before they die for a second time.
    • It is also a reference to the phrase "rarest of the rare", which is a phrase describing the criteria required to give the death penalty for a crime.
  • The name, like all other epic animals, incorporates alliteration.

Notes Edit

  • The Revive Raven was released in version 1.4.0 on the 14th of December 2016.
  • The Revive Raven has been available for free in several social media events, including a competition to guess the name of Tundra and a competition in which 5 random people would be selected after submitting a picture of their endangered animal.

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