Here is the list of staff roles on the wiki. If you wish to apply, read the following information and ask on CollectorManiac's message wall.

Bureaucrats Edit

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Bureaucrat is the highest user rank on a wiki. They can promote other users to admin and bureaucrat and change other users' rights on the wiki. Bureaucrats are only a small level up from admins, unlike admins, they can only be removed by FANDOM staff and themselves. Bureaucrats are still referred to as admins due to the similarity of the two roles.

To Become a Bureaucrat Edit

At the moment, you cannot become a bureaucrat on the wiki.

Admins Edit

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There are currently 2 admins on this wiki. Admins on this wiki are in charge of policing behaviour, editing information and uploading images. They are also in charge of creating plans to edit pages, and working with other users to ensure that the database is added to regularly. A lot of the work that admins do occur behind the scene away from the website.

Admins can block users, delete pages, undelete pages, rollback, move pages, move templates and edit MediaWiki pages. They can also edit the main page. If any rights are abused, admins are immediately removed and blocked.

To Become an Admin Edit

  • Show consistent work ethic and contribute regularly to a high standard.
  • Be willing to learn basic HTML, image editing and other more difficult work on the wiki.
  • Have the approval of current admins, more specifically the bureaucrat CollectorManiac.

Anyone who wishes to become an admin must send a message to CollectorManiac's message wall. Currently we are looking for a new admin candidate who is willing to put the work in and help maintain the wiki while contributing greatly in the same manner as CollectorManiac.

Moderators Edit

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Depending on their role, such as discussion, chat or content, moderators can perform actions such as deleting, undeleting, rollback and moving pages.

To Become a Moderator Edit

  • Show good work ethic and high quality edits.
  • Be active to an extent, contributing every so often.

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