Security Seal
Security Seal
Zoo Sky Zoo
Species Seal
Class Regular
Zone Tundra
Unlocked Tundra 1
Tier Tier 4
Distance Found > 1300m
XP Given 12
Breeding Time 8hrs

The Security Seal is the fourth seal evident in the game.

Appearance Edit

The Security Seal has brown fur, and wears a navy baseball cap with a gold badge stuck on the front. It wears a blue shirt which end just before the end of its front flippers, and has a navy lower half representing pants. Black sunglasses cover its eyes.

Description Edit

Warranty void if seal is broken.

Requirements Edit

Note: Its chance of appearing is low due to it being a tier 4 animal. It will appear randomly but not often, and never before 1300m.

Baby Security Seal Edit

Baby Security Seal
  • Lasso starts 12% larger
  • Animals handle ice 8% better
  • Bucks are 8% smaller

Notes Edit

  • The Security Seal was released on the 25th of January 2017 in version 1.5.0, along with Tundra and all other Tundra animals.
  • The Security Seal is a play on a security seal, a seal on packages, usually glass jars. This is referenced in the description.
    • The appearance plays on a security guard, reflecting the security pun.
  • Like most other Tundra descriptions, the description was missing a period at the end.
    • This was corrected in version 1.15.0 on the 22nd of March 2018.
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