Zoo Space Zoo
Species Stegosaurus
Class Regular
Zone Jurassic
Unlocked Jurassic 6
Tier Tier 5
Distance Found > 2200m
XP Given 30
Breeding Time 12hrs

The Sparkosaurus is the eighth stegosaurus in zoo order. It can be found in the stampede when the player upgrades their stegosaurus habitat to level 9.

Appearance Edit

The Sparkosaurus has a light, electric blue body which fades into a slightly lighter cyan shade of blue near at the bottom. The Sparkosaurus has a meter, with visible increments and a longer red needle, and a knob on each side of its torso. On its back are various components of electricity, including propped-up wires and three dimensional octagons with nodes connecting two rows of red wires running the full length of the Sparkosaurus' body. White light with a light blue tinge flickers down the red cables in-game, starting from its tail and moving its way quickly to its front, before dissipating.

Description Edit

Commonly used to power most Jurassic home appliances. Shockingly long battery life.

Requirements Edit

Note: Its chance of appearing is extremely low due to it being a tier 5 animal. It will appear randomly but very rarely, and doesn't appear before 2200m.

Baby Sparkosaurus Edit

Baby Sparkosaurus
  • Lasso starts 15% larger
  • Jump from animals 15% higher
  • Lasso shrinks 1% slower (passive)

Trivia Edit

  • The Sparkosaurus is a play on sparks, with the name being a portmanteau of 'spark' and 'stegosaurus'.
    • The description plays on the lack of power during prehistoric times, and contains a pun on electricity: "shockingly".

Notes Edit

  • The Sparkosaurus was released on the 22nd of June 2017 in version 1.9.0 along with all other stegosauruses.
  • The Baby Sparkosaurus's abilities appeared to be a mistake, due to rarer animals being stated in-game to have better sidekick abilites, and the Baby Sparkosaurus' abilities not being very strong, despite the Sparkosaurus being the rarest stegosaurus. Comparatively, the Baby Stegosaurus had much better abilities, which suggested that the two abilities were likely to have been switched.
    • This was corrected in version 1.15.0 on the 22nd of March. The previous abilities were "Animals get angry 5% slower" and "Lasso shrinks 1% slower".
  • The description contained a minor error in that the 'J' in "Jurassic" was not capitalised, which was incorrect.
    • This was corrected in version 1.15.0 on the 22nd of March 2018.
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