Goats are the fifteenth species of animal in the Sky Zoo, and possibly the first that the player finds and befriends in Mountains. There are 8 different types of goat. They can be found from Mountains 1 onwards.

Goats Edit

Distance Found
XP Given
Mountain Goat Base > 0m 0
Viking Goat Regular > 1000m 1
Aqua Goat Regular > 1600m 4
Go-nut Regular > 2000m 12
Mk.II Stealth Goat Regular > 2500m 25
Two-nicorn Boss > 2500m* 25
Heterozygoat Level 9 > 2000m 12
Ghoast Regular > 2000m 12

* Note: All boss animals can only be found in the stampede and give XP after the player has initially befriended it.

Behaviour Edit

  • Wild: Goats move slowly individually.
  • When ridden: Goats move noticeably faster than when wild.
  • When angry: Goats take two small bucks before jumping far and high, being hard to control.

Tips Edit

Goats are possibly only useful for their money making abilities, where they earn Zoo Coin per buck when angry, and their control when not angry. It is recommended otherwise to utilise goats only when travelling very fast (at a high distance) as when not angry they are easy to control. When angry, it is difficult to control goats, with the player likely to crash into walls or trees. When taming goats, it is best to travel in as straight a line as possible, and use a baby animal which decreases time required to tame an animal.

Habitat Upgrades Edit

  • Level 1 - Ride for an extra 1s before a goat gets angry
  • Level 2 - Angry goats buck less violently
  • Level 3 - Bucks from a goat push other animals away
  • Level 4 - Gain 50% more ticket money from goats
  • Level 5 - While you are in the air, goats move towards your lasso
  • Level 6 - Ride for an extra 1s before a goat gets angry
  • Level 7 - Get bonus cons while bucking on goats
  • Level 8 - 2x more rare goats in the stampede
  • Level 9 - Add a new rare Goat to the stampede (Heterozygoat)

Notes Edit

  • Goats were released in version 1.1.0 on the 26th of July 2016 along with Mountains and all other Mountains species.

Gallery Edit

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