Seals are the thirtieth animal species in the Sky Zoo, and possibly the first species that the player finds in Tundra. There are 8 different kinds of seal. They can be unlocked when the player upgrades their ship to Tundra 1.

Seals Edit

Animal Class Distance Found XP Given
Common Seal Base > 0m 0
Leopard Seal Regular > 200m 1
Banana Peal Regular > 750m 4
Security Seal Regular > 1300m 12
Harp Seal Regular > 1800m 30
Navy Seal Boss > 1800m* 30
Eskimo Seal Level 9 > 1300m 12
Seal of Fortune Endangered > 1300m 30

* Note: All boss animals can only be found in the stampede and give XP after the player has initially befriended it in a boss mission.

Behaviour Edit

  • Wild: Seals drag themselves forward.
  • When ridden: Seals bounce on their belly comically and slide on ice, being able to smash small animals at level 5 when sliding.
  • When angry: Seals have larger bounces, but apart from this they are very much the same as when ridden.

Tips Edit

Seals are a good Tundra animal. They're fast, they can smash small animals when sliding on ice, do not reduce the player's lasso size and move towards it. When angry, they are still very similar to when ridden, still being easy to control and hence a good animal to ride for a long time.

Habitat Upgrades Edit

  • Level 1 - Seals can turn while bucking
  • Level 2 - Ride for an extra 2s before a seal gets angry
  • Level 3 - While you are in the air, seals move towards your lasso
  • Level 4 - Gain 50% more ticket money from seals
  • Level 5 - Smash small animals when sliding on ice
  • Level 6 - Landing on a seal doesnt reduce your lasso size
  • Level 7 - Get bonus coins when smashing animals on a seal
  • Level 8 - 2x more rare seals in the stampede
  • Level 9 - Add a new rare Seal to the stampede (Eskimo Seal)

Notes Edit

  • Seals were released on the 25th of January 2017 in version 1.5.0, along with Tundra and all other Tundra animals.
  • The level 6 habitat upgrade contained a spelling error in that "doesnt" was missing an apostrophe.
    • This was corrected in version 1.15.0 on the 22nd of March.

Gallery Edit

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