Triceratops are the third species of animal available in the Jurassic zone, as well as in the Space Zoo. There are 8 different types of triceratops. Like all Space Zoo animals, more triceratops are unlocked progressively as the player upgrades the triceratops habitat. They can be unlocked when the player upgrades their ship to Jurassic 1.

Triceratops Edit

Animal Class Level Unlocked Distance Found XP Given
Triceratops Base Level 0 > 1000m 0
Triceraclops Regular Level 2 > 1150m 1
Triceracops Regular Level 0 > 1300m 3
Skyceratops Regular Level 5 > 1600m 5
Chimeratops Regular Level 2 > 1600m 8
Geisharatops Boss Level 0 > 2000m* 12
Medium-Rare-atops Regular Level 5 > 2000m 20
Knightmaratops Regular Level 9 > 2000m 30

* Note: All boss animals can only be found in the stampede and give XP after the player has initially befriended it in a boss mission.

Behaviour Edit

  • Wild: Triceratops trot forward alone or in groups of two, three or four.
  • When ridden: Triceratops charge like buffalo, with the ability to smash anything except brontosauruses (level 3) then trot a tad faster than normal.
  • When angry: Triceratops take a couple of short hops before jumping up repeatedly in an attempt to throw the player off.

Tips Edit

Triceratops have useful abilities in their landing charges, which can smash anything except brontosauruses and volcanic rocks, and, how after level 4, they do not reduce the player's lasso size. Triceratops are a good safety animal as they are invincible to almost anything and their charge allows the player to speed past volcanic rocks just before they land, the player can also jump from triceratops to triceratops to maintain a large lasso size if they have upgraded their triceratops habitat to level 4.

Habitat Upgrades Edit

  • Level 1 - Ride for an extra 2s before a triceratops gets angry
  • Level 2 - Add two new rare triceratops to the stampede (Triceraclops, Chimeratops)
  • Level 3 - Landing charges on triceratops are 2x longer
  • Level 4 - Landing on a triceratops doesn't reduce your lasso size
  • Level 5 - Add two new rare triceratops to the stampede (Skyceratops, Medium-Rare-atops)
  • Level 6 - Get bonus coins while bucking on triceratops
  • Level 7 - Bucks from a triceratops push other animals away
  • Level 8 - 2x more rare triceratops in the stampede
  • Level 9 - Add a new rare Triceratops to the stampede (Knightmaratops)

Notes Edit

  • Triceratops were released in version 1.8.0 on the 18th of May 2017 along with Jurassic, the Space Zoo and the other species making up the first seven released in Jurassic.
    • Like all other original Jurassic species, triceratops were bugged in that even if the player had not yet unlocked the required level to unlock a regular animal, they could still find all triceratops from level 0 upon release.
      • This was fixed in version 1.9.0 on the 22nd of June.
  • The level 4 upgrade contained a mistake in which "doesn't" lacked an apostrophe (written as 'doesnt').
    • This was corrected in version 1.15.0 on the 22nd of March.

Gallery Edit

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