Spying Fox
Spying Fox
Zoo Sky Zoo
Species Flying Fox
Class Secret
Zone Outback
Unlocked Outback 5
Tier Tier 5
Distance Found > 0m
XP Given 5
Breeding Time 12hrs

The Spying Fox is the sixth flying fox in the stampede. It is a secret animal, requiring the player to complete a secret mission to discover.

Appearance Edit

The Spying Fox has matte black bones and black feet. Its torso is coloured black with a green tinge, with two shiny black boxes strapped to its waist. Its wing membrane maintains a green tinge to it, like its torso. Goggles with dark green lenses cover its eyes, and a matte black helmet that is round at the front is attached to its head.

Description Edit

Eyes on target. Positive ID one ripe juicy mango. Clear to engage?

Requirements Edit

  • Ship upgraded to Outback 5 or greater.
  • Flying Fox tamed.
  • Smash an outhouse or a windmill. This can be done by the player or a wild drop bear.

Note: Due to it being a secret animal, it will appear every time the player completes the above requirements.

Baby Spying Fox Edit

Baby Spying Fox
  • Lasso shrinks 8% slower
  • Missions give 16% more coins
  • Rare animals appear 6% more often

Notes Edit

  • The Spying Fox was released in version 1.3.0 on the 13th of October 2016 along with Outback and all other Outback species.
  • The Spying Fox's name plays on rhyme, with "spying" rhyming with 'flying' of flying fox.
    • The description reflects this play, relating to a spy reporting their mission update. It also plays on a flying fox's frugivorous diet.
    • The Baby Spying Fox's ability "missions give 16% more coins" also reflects the spying theme.
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