Hi all users! This is a space where you can post your ideas on new animals for existing zones. Feel free to add your idea here as I can ask the developers to add it in.

CollectorManiac (talk) 11:38, December 1, 2017 (UTC), admin and founder

  • Stuffalo (Buffalo)
  • Wallrus (Walrus)
  • Legosaurus (Stegosaurus)
  • An-Kylo Ren-saurus/Ankylosaurus Ren (Ankylosaurus)

CollectorManiac (talk) 12:26, December 1, 2017 (UTC)

Pacychephalosaurus (Base)

Plateosaurus (Base)

Eggosus (Pegasus)

Nothasaurus (Base)

Kanymeria (Base)

Zoo Rat (Flying Fox)

Epekkamaster (talk) 00:45, December 16, 2017 (UTC)

Buffalo sause (red with sause on it) (Buffalo)

Beebra (bee) (Zebra)

ostrage (angry birds themed) (Ostrich)

belliphant (jingle bells) (Elephant)

goreilla (friday the 13th jason themed) (Gorilla)

four boar (4 heads) (Boar)

shippopotimus:(boat) (Hippo)

flockodile: (bird themed) (Alligator)

rhinossobus: (school bus) (Rhino)

goatick: (bug themed) (Goat)

como se llama: (has a name tag) (Llama)

smokey bear: (smokey bear) (Bear)

quack yak: (duck) (Yak)

jerry seagle: (superman themed) (Eagle)

camoose: (caboose moose) (Moose)

Epekkamaster (talk) 00:45, December 16, 2017 (UTC)

Beep Sheep (Car themed) (Sheep)

Mind-o-taur (Genius themed) (Minotaur)

Flagon Dragon (Beer/Flag themed) (Dragon)

Terry Fox (Terry Fox themed) (Fox, If Gazelle is added then Gazellery Fox instead)


[note: the ankylosaurus ren is making me laugh my guts out]

calmbat (meditation themed)

spheet (sphere sheep)

tangaroo (citrus fruit themed)

keymu (key themed)

mop bear (janitor themed)

pieing fox (pie themed)

camelt (iceberg themed)

Epekkamaster (talk) 00:35, January 13, 2018 (UTC)

cow lick(Elvis themed) (cow) Lamburgini (car themed) Koka cola (soda themed) (drop bear) Brr fullo (ice themed)(buffalo)

Topsy-Turvy Raffe (Giraffe)

Tiger Lucy (Tiger): What I mean is Lucy Loud as a tiger.

Legophant ( Lego Elephant )

Guinearaffe ( Guinea Pig Giraffe )

Legoraffe ( Lego Giraffe )

Crowlector Maniac (Vulture) How to get: Aniversary of the Game                                                                                     Description: "This fellow bird discovered a site to make a wikia for the game!"Voltiann (talk) 10:48, February 21, 2018 (UTC)Voltiann

My addings Edit

Feenix (Phoenix)(paper) Farmoose (Moose) (cow) Teeth-Rex (T-Rex)(teeth) Honboar (Boar)(Honda)

Blaciosaurus (Brachiosaurus)(Black)

Nickllamastrong(llama)(NickArmstrong) Easter challenge

Collect Eggs,Exchange things.

The Hats:

Egghead,Basket,Bunny ears.

The animals:

Easter Bunny (Rabbit),Eggephant(Elephant),Phoester(Phoenix). ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Cinco de mayo Challenge

Ride Taco girafas.Get maracas. Exchange things.

The Hats:

Sombrero,Glittery Suit,Tamborine

The animals:

Pinatoar (boar)

Just to draw a line so that I don’t confuse things.Edit

Slimenoceros (talk) 11:41, March 28, 2018 (UTC)rudolphin(dolphin)gruffalo(buffalo)

Crossbred AnimalsEdit

Introducing.......... CROSSBRED ANIMALS! Will be available by the crossbeeding feature, unlocked at jungle 5!

Six Phoenix: Made by crossbreeding threenix and threecan. Ofcourse, it's a phoenix.

Lego Monster: Made by crossbreeding two of the ideas on this page, legosaurus and legoraffe. Is it's OWN SPECIAL SPECIES!

Zorse: Made by crossbreeding brazeb and zebra. Why brazeb? cuz brazeb is actually based on real life horses. It could also be called "Zebrazeb". It's a zebra

Unigasus: Crossbreed a pegasus and unicorn to get this beauty. It's amazing. it has sparkles all over it's body, surrounded by rainbows. and best of all....... It somehow has two horns and four wings!

Alternative Hydra: Made by crossbreeding dragon and hydra. Looks like that classic three headed underwater dragon hydra. It's a dragon!

Demon Giraffe: Crossbreeding a diabuffalo and giraxxus will make this devil. Has flaming wings, Red glowing eyes, a red trident, a red flame surrounding it, and it's devil horns are massive!

You can add more ideas!

Also, the combinations not listed here yet will not work. If another combination is added it will work. 17:46, May 4, 2018 (UTC)

Camboaria:Made by a Bufferarri and a one from the ideas,Honboar.


Ride on animals with mini suns circling around them to trade for things! Lasts from June 28 to September 5. All music has beach drums in it.

Hats: Sun hat, Bathing suit, Bathing suit 2, Sunny day.

Animals: BuffaQ (Buffalo), Suntanned Hippo (Hippo), Jogger Yak (Yak), Kangice Cream (Kangaroo), Outdoor Seal (Seal), Tentaceratops (Triceartops), Beach Hind (Hind), Sun Bug (Pillbug).