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Please consider this:

  • Sky Zoo: 7 animals, 5 areas
  • Space Zoo: 8 animals, 6 areas

* Note: Please DO NOT copy other people's ideas from other sources without crediting them.

CollectorManiac (talk) 11:42, December 1, 2017 (UTC)

Notes Edit



After a second vote, it was decided by a clear majority of 10 to 1 that a flying animal is required. The flying animal that was voted is the Macaw, with the Aye-Aye being voted to be dropped in return.

Final Animals Votes
Aye-Aye 10
Tortoise 9
Fossa 9
Lemur 8
Crab 7
Dodo 7
Iguana 7
Macaw 6
Didn't Make the Cut Votes
Frigatebird 6
Sea Lion 5
Cormorant 3
Finch 1

Islands Edit

Islands is a weird map. Based on the Galápagos Islands and the island Madagascar, the map is based on a coastline, with shallow water similar to pools in Jungle. Sections of sand, rocky shores and stampede areas with a large abundance in trees should be present. More mechanics will be sorted once animals are decided.

Reminder of Animal Abilities Edit

  • Iguana (Runs fast with good agility. Can run up walls. When angry, it jumps up very high every 1.5 seconds, if the player is on a wall and it jumps, the player dies. Swims in water.)
  • Tortoise (Slow animal smasher, bucks the player off when angry after a certain very long amount of time, requires a very long time to tame)
  • Sea Lion (similar to seals, except they can swim in water)
  • Cormorant (flightless birds, can dive in water sections, showing its back and back of head only when underwater. Needs water to stay happy)
  • Frigatebird (clumsy, start running on the ground but if enough shrubs are smashed they can fly; get angry if not enough bushes are smashed and fall over, knocking the player off)
  • Finch (fliers, start perched in trees, swoop in long waves instead of short swoops)
  • Crab (Pop out of sand/ground just before player, like walruses jump out of cliff. Walk forwards but facing sideways, begins very agile but like penguins, lose agility when angry, eventually losing all steering altogether.)
  • Dodo (Moose behavior/ostrich behaviour)
  • Macaw (Flyer when angry flies side to side)
  • Fossa (Eats animals, can be upgraded to eat all animals. Can vault over trees and pounce like drop bears, although they do not lock onto a nearby animal, rather simply pouncing when landing and eating anything just ahead when landed. Takes a short time to get angry.)
  • Lemur (Found sitting in trees or running on the ground, very common, when ridden vault trees like gorillas but do not smash.)
  • Aye-Aye (Found sitting in trees only, once it jumps down from the tree the player can ride it until it becomes angry, where it runs up to the nearest tree, climbs it and sleeps, with the player falling off its back.)

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10:55, December 29, 2017 (UTC)

Outer Space Edit

Outer Space! Come'on, Yodo1 games! We have a space zoo already, so go all the way! Legend of Zebra Icon _aitchFactor 12:01, December 1, 2017 (UTC)

Beach Edit

The beach would have sand, with the ocean (differnt than pools of water), in which sea animals live. Land animals die in water, as if they are falling off a cliff in the mountians. sea animals, on the other hand, move normaly in water and hop around awkwardly on land, slowing down. Air animals always fly safly above water, even when angry. Crocks, seals, walruses, and turtles are land AND water, and hippos are just land.

  • Beach 1: Crabs (land), Normal fish (sea), Gulls (air)
  • Beach 2: Lion fish (water)
  • Beach 3: Whales (water)
    • Huge
    • Cannot stay on land for more than 5 seconds or it gets angry and uses its spout to gush the player off.
  • Beach 4: Dolphins (water)
    • Hops around on land awkwardly, slowing down.
    • Moves fast in water, jumping as it nears an obstacle like dragons.
  • Beach 5: Sharks (water)
    • Hops around on land awkwardly, slowing down.
    • Moves fast in water, eating everything.

Epekkamaster (talk) 21:39, December 12, 2017 (UTC)

Epekkamaster's note~ I am making a more in-depth blog post about the Ocean area.

CollectorManiac (talk) 11:57, December 1, 2017 (UTC)

Garden Edit

Area 1: Cat: Can eat mice. Automatically turns if a dog is behind it. Gets faster when angry.

Dog: Can eat cats, Runs very fast, and throws the player off when angry.

Crow: Seen perching on the garden walls, can fly, and swoops up and down when angry.

Area 2: Butterfly: Comes flying out of nowhere, Can destroy small trees,Swoops up and down when angry.

Area 3: Woodpecker: Comes out of a tree, can fly, and swoops up an down when angry.

Area 4: Mouse: Can run fast, Eats cheese pieces in the garden,Starts bucking when angry.

Area 5: Spider: can eat animals, Leaves webs behind as it runs,eats the player when angry.

Area 6: Frog. Can jump fast, Does bigger hops when angry.

Area 7: Rat. Can smash animals. Throws off player with tail when angry. Smashing animals keep rats happy for longer (Upgrade)

Area 8: Pigeon. Can fly. Flys faster when angry. 14:45, December 2, 2017 (UTC)

Taiga Edit

Taiga 1: Caribou. Huge herd animal. Moose behavior

Salmon. River spawner. Water keeps happy. Thrower

Groundhog. Slow. Underground digger

2: Blue Jay. Flyer. Perches on trees and Inukshucks

3: Lynx. Eater. 1000m or higher spawner

4: Lemming. Speedy. Water thrower. Bucker

5: Musk Ox. Smasher. Herd spawner. Thrower

6: Stoat. Speeder

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Giant Insects Edit

giant insects for the space zoo 18:44, December 6, 2017 (UTC)

Ocean 2.0Edit

Ocean is an idea that might make little sense, but here's what they could do. Ocean has 2 layers. You start on the top, which has sandbanks for land movement. The bottom has the sea where most creatures can be found. Gators, Pengiuns, Walruses, Seals, Hippos and Turtles can go in water, and flying animals are safe above it. Other animals die if going in water. Water with sand is lighter blue than water without. The sandbanks act as walls in the water, and on top, the colour dosen't seem to change.

Ocean 1: Mudskipper (Sandbank). Common. Bucker. Can go in water but becomes hard to steer.

Lobster (Sandbank). Semicommon. Thrower. Cannot go in water.

Dolphin (Water). Most common water animal. Jumps in and out of water, with increased speed and length when angry.

Ocean 2: Shark (Water). Semicommon. Behaves like T-Rex, so no need to say.

Ocean 3: Pelican (Sky). Rare. Acts just like Owls with the exepction that they dive in water instead of swooping back up when they hit it, and can smash Big Animals, but not off the bat.

Ocean 4: Whale (Water). Rare. Smasher. Goes to surface when angry to blow you off with blowhole.

Ocean 5: Pufferfish (Water). Rare. Slow. When angry grows in size, slowing you down more but becoming immune to Sharks.


Farmland is the new starting world hopefully, because it takes place at the small farm you start in, but at sunset. New mechanics include collectable Apples, giant Fences that certain creatures can jump over/smash, with bigger ones at the side that cannot be jumped over/smashed, and Haystacks that Giraffes, a new animal, Bears, and Polar Bears can smash. Rooster crows can be heard now and then, and Barns and Fields beyond the large fences that serve as walls. Ponds, simalair to pools of water, are also found. It's the only world so far without a smasher.

Farmland 1: Horse. Runs fast and can jump over fences. Can be upgraded to jump over obstacles and slam when landing. When angry jumps up every 1.5 seconds but can be upgraded to jump every 2 seconds. If you hit an obstacle on a jumping horse, you will die.

Cow. Spawns in huge groups and tough to tame at first. Can be upgraded to move towards your lasso, Not reduce it, and push other Cows away (Like Sheep). Also bucks when angry.

Bull. It's a Buffalo, just it moos and dosen't require an upgrade to charge. Can be upgraded to jump fences. Bucks when angry as well.

Farmland 2: Pig. It's an Ankylosaurus, just it's a Pig. Throws you clean off when angry and can be upgraded to survive a crash.

Farmland 3: Donkey. It's a Camel, but can smash Trees and Haystacks. Throws you off when angry and can be upgraded to increase your lasso by 50% (Because it's the first creature like that in the game (If this world/creature is added)!)

Farmland 4: Turkey. Runs fast like an Emu, and is quick to turn.

Farmland 5: Duck. Sits in ponds, and can fly. Longest flying creature angry time.

Don't  like these animals?Edit

Here are some scrapped Farmland creatures that could be used.

Leopard. Can eat animals and only appears after 1000m.

Chicken. Like Turkeys, execpt they lay eggs when wild and collecting them earns coins.

Goose. Waddles slowly, and flys when angry.

Any suggestions for creatures?Edit

Put them here!


Mu Lung Garden ( 武陵桃源/무릉도원/Mureung-dowon/Peach Blossom Spring) Alternatively Mulung ( ) Mulung is a mythical paradise often mentioned in East Asian literature. It is said to appear if you see peach flower petals floating on a creek and follow it up-river. Sometimes its a place where spirits, guardians and gods live, sometimes its a place where people live happily and without worries. Artwork depicting Mulung often seems to portray it to be hidden in mountains.

*Map appearance/system

  • Peach tree with flowers in full bloom
  • Creeks
  • Mist/Small clouds
  • Pale green floor(spring-grassy), gray rocks
    • Turns into white/pale gray stone floor later on.
  • Occasional Asian towers([1])
  • Japanese/Korean pine tree? ([2])
  • Rocky walls or cliffs on one side.
  • Features Asian palaces like how the Olympus zone shows Greek temples on the side of the map.([3])
  • Collectibles: ? (big peaches/some kind of ornament/sculpture/open to ideas)
  • New game system?
    • Waterfalls?
      • Connected to a curving river. Pushes players with its strong current or simply slows them down like normal water.
      • Sometimes has arched bridges, enabling land animals to cross. (water animals can swim under the bridge or smash it if they're too big.)
      • Could introduce Koi.
      • There are intervals where a waterfall would be in the middle of the map, while the land on either side slopes upwards( quick doodle for demonstration): You have to fly over, run on land, or ride a water animal or a lung/eastern dragon(famous for their affinity to water) to swim up the waterfall. Land animals will crash when they collide with waterfalls. This will also introduce slanted grounds.
      • Begins with a waterfall from the side of a wall, and ends by the water falling off a cliff.

Animals Edit

Base animals are bolded, animals marked with asterisks(*) are creatures that really exist in Eastern mythology or in real life. Currently NOT listed in order of appearance.

Lung/Ryong/Eastern Dragon* Edit

As they appeared in the Chinese New Year event, they could either reuse the model or make new ones? If they're remodeled to be look more graceful, I think they could have more swirly motions and a more complex mechanic.

  • When tapped in zoo: Roars.
  • When ridden: Floats slightly off the ground. Smashes everything. Can swim in/up rivers/waterfalls (or float above the river).
  • When angry: Probably throws player off. What did eastern dragons in the chinese new year event do when they were angry?
  • Base animal colour: Green with red/yellow points.
    • Imperial Dragon: Red and gold theme, possibly with an imperial crown.
    • Celestial Dragon: Sky-blue and white theme, gold&red point colours. Has wings shaped similarly to this dragon's shoulder decoration:
    • All Day Lung: Word play on 'all day long'.
    • Imugi*: A giant snake that trains for 1000 years to become a dragon. Legless, dark colour, hornless snake-like head.

Xiezhi/Haetae/Haitai* Edit

( / ) This was also one of the special animals in the Chinese New Year event. Like the eastern dragon, can have reused models or new ones. Their behaviour in the event seems to be rather simple for a new zone, ideas are appreciated! Maybe these guys could be the 'eaters' for this zone?

  • When tapped in zoo:
  • When ridden:
  • When angry:

Kirin* Edit

( / / )

  • Two-toed hooves, long mane, long tail with a tuft of fur, long tufts of fur at the shoulders/elbows, pair of antlers. Head of a dragon+deer, body of a stag, has blue-green scales on parts of its body and legs. Bigger than Hinds.
  • When tapped in zoo: Rears, sound is something between a dragon and a horse/deer. Similar to one of the griffin sounds, maybe?
  • When ridden: Runs normally, above average speed. When they enter the water, they can jump once on the surface of the water with a visual effect (like Suicune running on water) and not get affected by rivers/puddles. Can be upgraded to jump up to two/three times on water, enabling them to cross most rivers without plunging in the water. (Jumping on water still extinguishes fire.) Another doodle to explain this here
  • When angry: Stops and rears for a short time before kicking off to a quick run with occasional small leaps, skids to a halt after a while and rears again, repeat. Animals coming from behind can run into the kirin while it's rearing, and counts as the player crashing.
    • Lokirin: Parody of Loki from the Marvel movies (or Norse mythology). "Lokirin is burdened with glorious horns. Kneel!"
      • Has the signature Loki horns, black with gold&green points, shoulder armor, and has the scepter at the end of its tail.
    • Ki-Ring: Kirin with bell theme? (Admin's note: maybe like key ring, that’s what I thought of when seeing that)
    • White Stag(real)*: Often depicted as a sacred animal in mythology. White kirin with stag antlers and without scales, has cloud/mist like swirls surrounding it.

Sajatal(Lion Mask)* Edit

( / / It's from a mask+costume worn by two people to represent a lion rather than a 'mythical creature', but I thought the looks were fitting.

  • Long body with shaggy white fur, red flattish face with pointed teeth and yellow eyes.
  • Are seen trotting in the map.
  • When tapped in zoo: Lion roar, wiggles head and body sideways.
  • When ridden: Jumps once high and far when they're first ridden, going over high obstacles and able to crash into archways. Smashes everything near them when they land. After the first jump, lopes along with long, low bounds. Upgrades can make them turn in the middle of a jump.
  • When angry: Bucks with high jumps. Harder to steer.

Fenghuang/Bonghwang* Edit

( / / )


Nine-tailed Fox* Edit

( )

  • Slightly bigger and sleeker than Tundra's fox, is white with nine tails, has a round, translucent pale blueish-puple fox bead that floats around its shoulders and neck.
  • Babies don't have the bead and only have five tails.
  • When tapped in zoo: Stands up, spreads out its tails as its head does a small howling motion. Wolf or Fox sound, or maybe something a little more echoing than that.
  • When ridden: Runs. 'Absorbs' small animals in front of it with its fox bead: Does the lunging motion predator animals do except the belly isn't enlarged, the bead and prey animal both glow brightly as the animal disappears like its been eaten. Possibly there could be light particles going from the eaten animal to the bead? Can't eat large animals.
  • When angry: The fox bead glows brightly with a spiritual fire(same colour as bead), and the player starts to burn. The bead glows again every time the fire is put out, causing the fire to burn again. 'Absorbing' animals may slow down the burning slightly, but the flame will burn quicker every time it restarts, eventually burning quickly enough to end the game even if the player is in the water. The speed of the flame is determined by the number of times the player put out the fire, not by how long the player had been burning, encouraging the player to try and extinguish the fire at the last second and return to land instead of going into the river and staying there. Upgrades can make Nine-tailed Foxes happier for longer and make fire burn slower.

The discussions thread for this zone is here: If you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to visit and leave a reply! SkyWolf25 (talk) 12:20, January 30, 2018 (UTC)SkyWolf25

Sea Zoo and 2 new zones Edit

We already have a sky and space zoo so why not add a sea zoo as well. I can currently think of two zones for this new zoo. The first is the river biome with a variety of different animals. It is a bit like an inverted jungle with water where there is land and vice versa. I'm not sure what the animals would be but one wouldn't be able to go on land and would just hit the land and you would fall off. Most would swim well in water and just slither slowly on land but there could be an amphibious one which does equally well on both. The other zone, the second one - sea, is quite different to all other zones. Rather than you moving in 1d on a 2d map, you would move in 2d on a 3d map which would give you a lot more control.--CygnusBlackI (talk) 10:23, February 13, 2018 (UTC)


Please add Meme it'll include Grumpy Cat and Fidget Spinner and even Yee.

Prairie Edit

Here are the species in Prairie. •Badger - Can smash ferrets; throws you off when angry •Ferret - Can eat prairie dogs; bucks you when angry •Bobcat - Can eat ferrets and prairie dogs; eats you when angry

Coyote Edit

The Coyote would include: Regular coyote, chocoyote and toyote.

Bobcat Edit

The Bobcat would include: Bobcat, BobBaby, Sobcat, etc.

Star Wars/Naboo Edit

It think it sound interesting but a zone in space zoo from STAR WARS! I think NABOO will do. HAHAHA.

Animals: Eopie - throws you when angry.

Tauntaun -bucks when angry

Loth-cat - speed when angry

Bantha - the smasher of all things. throws you off when angry.

Varactyl - tree-smasher and smasher of animals except flying animal and bantha. throws you very far like 100m. Reek-the smasher of all things. eats all animals after upgrade.throws you off when angry.

Rancor - can only smash small rocks. throws you off like a gorilla but only about 40-50m

Brezak - the flying animal. bucks like the birds.

Nexu - eat animals even a bantha. eats you when angry of course.

 Thanks you!

Jeremz12 10:41, March 2, 2018

Have an idea for new zone: ATLANTIS including mermaids, tritons, seahorses, crabs, sharks, whales, batoideas (rays as a flying flying animal) etc. 16:12, March 16, 2018 (UTC) MaxBlauer



Vote to eliminate one !

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