• Yo, dude!

    Do you have any ideas for a world I have under constrocion. I'm thinking of making it Pokemon based, but, I'm turning to you for creatures/mechanics.

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    • Hmmm with Pokemon they need licensing, and that’s going to be expensive, especially with Niantic already holding some shares in Pokemon. Personally I would prefer to stick with just animals too, rather than a licensed franchise.

      But here is what they could do:

      Space Zoo: Kanto

      Area 1:

      • Bulbasaur
      • Charmander
      • Squirtle

      Area 2:

      • Pikachu

      Area 3:

      • Eevee (+ Eeveelutions)

      Area 4:

      • Exeggutor (disguised themselves as standing trees)

      Area 5:

      • Mew + Mewtwo

      Area 6:

      • Legendary Birds (Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres)
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    • The problem is that there’s

      • A: too many Pokemon
      • B: not enough variants of the same Pokemon. If there’s going to be a Pikachu habitat, what are the other Pikachus going to be, apart from Pichu and Raichu?
      • C: millions of licensing issues. I think if they’re going to make new Pikachus, Nintendo, Game Freak and Niantic are going to buy the rights and include them as Pokemon, which would make it really confusing.
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    • I like it. But, here's what I was thinking

      Space Zoo: Sihnnoh.

      Area 1: Tauros, Bayleef, Ryhdon.

      Area 2: Pikachu.

      Area 3: Kabutops.

      Area 4: Pidgotto.

      Area 5: Gyarados.

      Area 6: Rapidash.

      That's what I was thinking, but your's sounds pretty cool to me. :D

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    • Or they could do the following:

      Space Zoo

      Area 1:

      • Grass
        • Venusaur (Baby Venusaur is Bulbasaur)
        • Meganium (Baby Meganium is Chikorita)
        • Sceptile (Baby Sceptile is Treecko)
        • Torterra (Baby Torterra is Turtwig)
        • Serperior (Baby Serperior is Snivy)
        • SECRET: Shaymin (Sky Forme) (Baby Shaymin is Baby (Land Forme) Shaymin)
        • Chesnaught (Baby Chesnaught is Chespin)
        • Decidueye (Baby Decidueye is Rowlet)
      • Fire
        • Charizard (Baby Charizard is Charmander)
        • Typhlosion (Baby Typhlosion is Cyndaquil)
        • Blaziken (Baby Blaziken is Torchic)
        • Infernape (Baby Infernape is Chimchar)
        • Emboar (Baby Emboar is Tepig)
        • BOSS: Ho-Oh (Baby is Baby Ho-Oh)
        • Delphox (Baby Delphox is Fennekin)
        • Incineroar (Baby Incineroar is Litten)
      • Water
        • Blastoise (Baby Blastoise is Squirtle)
        • Feraligatr (Baby Feraligatr is Totodile)
        • Swampert (Baby Swampert is Mudkip)
        • Empoleon (Baby Empoleon is Piplup)
        • Samurott (Baby Samurott is Oshawott)
        • SECRET: Kyogre (Baby is Baby Kyogre) / OR: Manaphy (Baby Manaphy is Phione)
        • Greninja (Baby Greninja is Froakie)
        • Primarina (Baby Primarina is Poppilo)

      Area 2:

      • Electric
        • Pikachu (Baby Pikachu is Pichu)
        • Manectric (Baby Manectric is Electrike)
        • Magnezone (Baby Magnezone is Magnemite)
        • Electivire (Baby Electivire is Elekid)
        • Luxray (Baby Luxray is Shinx)
        • BOSS: Zapdos (Baby Zapdos is Baby Zapdos)
        • Zebstrika (Baby Zebstrika is Blitzle)
        • Eelektross (Baby Eelektross is Tynamo)

      Area 3:

      • Eeveelutions
        • Flareon
        • Jolteon
        • Vaporeon
        • Umbreon
        • Espeon
        • SECRET: Sylveon
        • Leafeon
        • Glaceon

      Area 4:

      • Psychic

      Area 5:

      • Rock

      Area 6:

      • Dragon
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    • Like I said, I think there’s way too many complications to do with lincensing and the practicability of this.

      But most of all, these aren’t animals. Even mythological animals are ok, but these are nothing but game fiction that aren’t embedded in culture or history, and don’t live in real life (Pokemon Go is not real life).

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    • I agree, but mos Pokemon are based on real animals. Let's add our ideas to the New Zones page and do a poll to see which is the most popular.

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    • Hmm I don't think you can base a zone on monsters that have been based on real life animals and more importantly, objects too.

      It shouldn't be necessary to add to the new zones page because that page is about legitimate zones that are to be put in the game. What I'm scared of is people voting for Pokemon because then I have to tell everyone that it simply isn't possible.

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    • Pls bring it back

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    • Bring what back?

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    • Oops i posted it in the wrong thread... XP

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    • Maybe the should at a dessert.

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    • A FANDOM user
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