Hi all cowboys/cowgirls, here is the latest news on Rodeo Stampede! This will be released every time a sneak peek, new zone, new event or other game news is announced through various means.

Chinese New Year Event

The new Chinese New Event has been a great addition to the game, however, there is a major error in that baby animals appear to have been forgotten by the developers. Initially, you could find a 'Match' version of each of the Chinese New Year Event 2018 animals, however, once the breeding had completed, the baby would not be present and the game would crash, with the habitat not having any baby animal despite it saying 9/9 babies. The latest update has patched this, not by adding in the baby animals, but by removing the possibility of finding a 'Match' of any of the new Chinese New Year animals and changed the total baby animals from 420 to 414 in the progress window. The developers are working on a fix for this, and are looking to implement the new baby animals in very soon.

New Zone Released in Competition

A competition was announced on the 14th of February to design the new animals of the following species: dragonfly and pill bug. This revealed that the next zone is bug related, and is possibly going to be named Garden or a related name. The competition requires you to draw (electronically or hand-drawn) a new dragonfly or pill bug variant, and gives the top three, chosen by the developers themselves, the chance to receive:

  • A free Rodeo Stampede t-shirts
  • All epic animals
  • A celebrity tour
  • Their designs in the next major update

24 runner ups will receive also epic animals, meaning that this is a major incentive to enter and design new animals!

The competition ends on the 24th of February, and the player must submit on KTplay or Facebook.