The 2016 Winter Holiday Event is a limited time event in the game that occurred from the 14th of December 2016 to the 25th of January 2017.

Winter Holiday Gameplay

The 2016 winter holiday event gameplay

About Edit

This event did not include any gameplay changes. Instead, a sub-zone was added, which was separate from regular gameplay. The sub-zone was identical to Mountains although certain graphical elements were changed, with Christmas styled obstacles. The music was also an arrangement of the Mountains theme. In the sub-zone, the player had to ride many types of reindeer, in which some carried sleds, to collect presents (Present). The player was required to ride a reindeer for an extended period of time if it carried a sled to be granted Present. There were 3 different sleds that could be ridden. The brown sled rewarded the player with 3Present, the purple sled rewarded 6Present and the golden sled rewarded 12Present. Alternatively, the player could collect bouncing Santa sacks with presents in them to collect about 2Present. Once the player reached a milestone, the presents would be subtracted from the player's total amount, for example, if the player had 24Present in a run and only required 15, in the next run, after receiving the Santa Hat, they would have 9 left over.

Additionally, there were added Christmas decorations and Christmas-themed music in the Sky Zoo.

While these hats have expired, the player can still obtain them in the future events.

Hats Edit

Required(Present) (Total Needed)
Santa Hat 15 Common
Mrs. Claus 45 (60) Novelty
Santa 80 (140) Novelty
Snowman 160 (300) Costume
Penguin Suit 350 (650) Costume
Reindeer Suit 450 (1100) Costume

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