Zoo Space Zoo
Species Raptor
Class Regular
Zone Jurassic
Unlocked Jurassic 1
Tier Tier 5
Distance Found > 1800m
XP Given 20
Breeding Time 12hrs

The Wraptor is the seventh type of raptor. It can be found in the stampede when the player upgrades their raptor habitat to level 5 or higher.

Appearance Edit

The Wraptor is coloured peach fading into beige, and is encased in a square tube which is textured similarly to a piece of flatbread. Around the rims of the bread is light green 'lettuce', and cheese and tomato or tomato sauce (a red substance) can also be seen from under the bread. The top of its hind legs can also be seen to be spotted, like the bread.

Description Edit

A healther alternative for those more health conscious.

Requirements Edit

Note: Its chance of appearing is extremely low due to it being a tier 5 animal. It will appear randomly but very rarely, and doesn't appear before 1800m.

Baby Wraptor Edit

Baby Wraptor
  • Lasso shrinks 8% slower
  • Jump from animals 6% faster
  • Eating animals is 12% more effective

Trivia Edit

  • The Wraptor is a play on a wrap. Its appearance too is based on a wrap.
  • The description references how wraps are considered a healthy option of food.
  • The Baby Wraptor's ability in which eating animals is 12% more effective references how wraps are a type of food.

Notes Edit

  • The Wraptor was released in version 1.8.0 on the 18th of May 2017, along with Jurassic and most Jurassic animals.
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