The Zebra Challenge was the first competitive event in Rodeo Stampede, which occurred from the 23rd to the 28th of November 2016.

About Edit

The Zebra Challenge was held as a chance to win a free Mission Mule. Like other competitive events, to enter, the player had to post a video of themselves playing as an zebra from the beginning in Savannah onto KTplay. The objective was to ride a single zebra from the beginning as far as possible. It ended on the 28th of November 2016 4:00 UTC time.

Rules Edit

  • Had to start as an zebra and stay on it for the whole time
  • Must start in Savannah
  • Must post full compressed video

Rewards Edit

  • Run past 1750m
1750Zoo Coin
  • Beat Ethan's high score of 3076m
5000Zoo Coin
  • Finish in the top 23 for longest distance
Mission Mule

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